The Man From The AlamoNew This Month"The Man From The Alamo" by John Humphries  'The Man from the Alamo' is as much a detective story as it is an account of the lives of Zephaniah Williams and John Rees, two of the main protagonists in the Chartist Uprising of 1839, an event that, in the eyes of the world, propelled Wales into the cockpit of working class revolution. Twenty-two men died during the attack upon Newport's Westgate Hotel when a detachment from the 45th Regiment of Foot, hidden behind the hotel's shuttered windows, discharged their muskets into the crowd. For waging war against the monarch, thirteen of the Chartist leaders were indicated for High Treason in the last great show-trial in British legal history. More info

Black Bart Roberts - The Greatest Pirate Of Them AllNew This Month"Black Bart Roberts" by Terry Breverton. THE LEGENDARY BLACK BART ROBERTS is remembered for bringing transatlantic shipping virtually to a standstill and for commanding multinational crews of freed black slaves and senior pirates who called themselves 'The House of Lords'. Ranging across the seas from Europe to the Americas and back to Africa, 'The Great Pyrate' took over 400 ships in his brief career (the notorious pirates, Blackbeard and Captain Kidd took only 30 between them)."- Phil Carradice. More info

The Pirate Handbook - A Dictionary of Pirate Terms & PlacesNew This Month"The Pirate Handbook" by Terry Breverton.  "THIS WONDERFUL SOURCE BOOK is an absolute 'must' for anyone who is interested in the history of nautical matters. It is exactly what it purports to be - a dictionary of pirate (and, therefore, nautical) terms and places.
    The book is more than just a dictionary, however. Here you will find items like 'The Articles of Captain Roberts' (Black Bart) and a brief survey of the Bermuda Triangle. The amount of detail and depth is phenomenal - there is even a poem written by Benjamin Franklin about the demise of the famous English pirate Blackbeard."- Phil Carradice. More info

Glamorgan Seascape Pathways"Glamorgan Seascape Pathways" by Terry Breverton. "Well-researched and well-written... a lot of information but it is presented in a totally accessible and user -friendly manner... a good idea for a book, one that will be useful to anybody who is interested in the topography, geography and history of the southern Vale of Glamorgan either as a walker, or as an 'armchair' traveller... fascinating."- Phil Carradice. More info

The Book of Welsh Pirates & Buccaneers"The Book of Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers" by Terry Breverton. This is the third of Terry Breverton’s books to be chosen by the Welsh Books Council for its ‘Book of the Month’ promotion. Wales can not only boast the most successful buccaneer in history, Admiral Sir Henry Morgan, but also the most successful pirate, ‘Black Bart’ Roberts. We have records of Roberts taking over 400 ships in two years, from the African coast to South America, from the West Indies to Newfoundland. He was ‘the last and most lethal pirate’, known across the oceans as ‘The Great Pirate’. These were amazing, exciting times, and hopefully this book brings them back to life. More info

The Welsh Almanac"The Welsh Almanac" by Terry Breverton. The rationale for this publication is two-fold. On the surface it is for Welsh people to build up and remember their loved ones' birthdays, anniversaries, important dates and events against days of the year. There is also an A-Z section annexed, so that addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and the like can be entered. Thus we can keep our personal and social records in one easy-to-find book, rather than delve among scraps of paper, fading memories, or boot up the computer. On the other hand, it is to let us know about famous Welsh people and events upon each of these days. For each day, there is also a quotation, usually from a Welsh source, often tying in with the people and events of the day. More info

Glyn Dwr's War"Glyn Dwr's War" The Campaigns of the Last Prince of Wales by G.J.Brough.  This book tells the true story of a nation's fight for liberty against overwhelming odds. This chronology of the war against England details not only the savage fighting, sieges, ambushes, full-scale battles and assassinations, but also the political manoeuvrings, alliances and the re-birth of a nation. The book begins with flashes from Wales' forgotten military past, and explains how the culmination of years of cruelty inflicted on the Welsh people finally ignited a nation, and brought the fire and tumult of war to the land. More info

From Wales to Pennsylvania"From Wales to Pennsylvania" by Peter N. Williams. In this completely revised and updated verstion of his "David Thomas: Man of Iron", Dr. Peter Williams takes us back to the days of mass Welsh emigration to the United States. The terrible conditions at home, which sparked the Chartist riots, are described, to put into context the reasons for this difficult transatlantic flight. Though David Thomas's correspondence with Wales, Dr. Williams shows the Welshman's immense contribution to the industrialisation and economic growth of America. More info

The Path to Inexperience"The Path to Inexperience" by Terry Breverton. Terry is well known as a tireless recorder of welsh achievements in many fields. In this poetry collection, he allows us a glimpse of the tumultuous feelings that drive him. A tortured energy rushes through this book. There is bitter anger, a keen sense of injustice, national pride, compassion, fear of loss. The images whirl. He jokes and parodies, he gets drunk on words; and there are quieter moments too. Sometimes he gives us a long 'found poem' like his 'inventory' of statistics about the suffering of the miners of South Wales, where the plainly stated facts are the agonised poem; or his final 'partial list of endangered species' with their evocative and often musical names. It is good to know that out of this turmoil have come - and are still coming - books so positive in their celebration of Wales, its people, history religion and arts. More info

100 Great Welsh Women"100 Great Welsh Women" by Terry Breverton. This book brings to light the fabulous history and achievements of the Welsh people, and is the second of a series (Volume 1 '100 Great Welshmen' was the Welsh Book Council's 'Book of the Month' in June 2001). Before the English Conquest, Wales fortunately has many more important female leaders, opinion formers and icons than contries of a similar size. More info

A Rhondda Boy"A Rhondda Boy 1906 - 1914" by Ivor Howells. Son of a miner, Rhondda born and bred, Rhondda educated apart from his degree years at Aberystwyth, Ivor Howells spent all his professional life as teacher and headmaster in Rhondda schools. After graduating he taught for a short time in Llwyncelyn Elementary School before returning as French master to Porth County School for Boys, his old school. Following a successful headship of Porth Secondary School he was appointed Headmaster of Tonypandy Secondary School. Thus in breadth of experience of Rhondda grammar schools he may claim to be without rival. Over a span of forty years in the profession he would be known to thousands of boys and girls. More info

100 Great Welshmen"100 Great Welshmen" by Terry Breverton. This book is the start of a series that brings to light the fabulous history and achievements of the Welsh people. Apart from poets, saints, four american presidents and Hollywood superstars, we can find the following entries: the father of the American Revolution, Arthur, Merlin, the architect of elizabethan England, il gigante buono, the Lord Protector, the hero of Waterloo, the comedians comedian, the computer engineer who made possible the Internet, the true christian, the worlds's greatest buccaneer, the first man to fly, the greatest boxer of all time and many more. More info

The Dragon Entertains"The Dragon Entertains" by Alan Roderick. This is a reference book with a difference - a highly readable, informative account of the lives of one hundred Welsh stars. Within its pages the reader will find one hundred concise mini-biographies, word pictures detailing all the relevant, basic facts of the entertainers career. For a small country, on the western fringe of Europe, a nation of only three million people, Wales' contribution to the world of entertainment is immense. Actors and actresses, playwrights and directors, singers and musicians, composers and comedians - Wales has produced them all. And what other nation of comparable size can boast four Oscar winners? More info

The Book of Welsh Saints"The Book of Welsh Saints" by Terry Breverton.  The book tells of the magical and fascinating world of 'The Age of Saints' in Wales, which paralleled 'The Dark Ages' across the rest of Europe. It was the time of Arthur, of roman rule being replaced by celtic christian nobles, of constant fighting against pagan invaders from England, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia. More info

The Secret Vale of Glamorgan"The Secret Vale of Glamorgan" by Terry Breverton.  This is the story of a remarkable area, sandwiched between the famous 6th century monasteries of Llanilltud Fawr and Llancarfan. We tend to think of where we live as unremarkable, compared to the strangeness of the new. However, the village of St Tathan and the hamlets of Flemingstone, Gileston, Eglwys Brewys and West and East Aberthaw are not only attractive, and set in wonderful countryside, but have a history almost unique in such a small area. More info

The A to Z of Wales and the Welsh"The A-Z of Wales and the Welsh" by Terry Breverton.  The author wants the world to know what Wales has to offer alongside with the cool Cymru actors and pop stars. There is as well a wealth of information on more traditional Welsh culture, history, legend, art and literature. South Wales Echo, April 14th, 2000, by Penny Taylor. More info

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